Computer Architecture Syllabus for BCA

Computer Architecture is an important subject for students who are pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Application(BCA) degree. I am sharing the Computer Architecture Syllabus for BCA students. It is the latest syllabus for students to study about 8085 processors and more about Computer Architecture. Let’s have a look at the Computer Architecture Syllabus for BCA students.

Note: Computer Architecture syllabus for BCA is divided into different units. Those units are further classified into different topics.

Computer Architecture Syllabus for BCA

Here’s the unit wise classification of Computer Architecture Syllabus for BCA:

UNIT 1: Computer Organization and Design

  • Basic computer organization and design
  • Instructions and instruction codes
  • Timing and control/instruction cycle
  • Register/ Types of register/ general purpose & special purpose registers/ index registers
  • Register transfer and micro-operations/ register transfer instructions
  • Memory and memory function
  • Bus/ Data transfer instructions
  • Arithmetic logic micro-operations/ shift micro-operations
  • Input/ Output and interrupts
  • Memory reference instructions
  • Memory interfacing memory/ Cache memory

UNIT 2: Central Processing Unit

  • General Register Organization/ stacks organizations instruction formats
  • addressing modes
  • Data transfer and manipulation
  • Program control reduced computer
  • Pipeline/ RISC/ CISC pipeline vector
  • Processing/ array processing
  • Arithmetic Algorithms: Integer multiplication using shift and add
  • Booth’s algorithm
  • Integer division
  • Floating-point representations

UNIT 3: Computer Arithmetic

  • Addition algorithms
  • Subtraction algorithms
  • Multiplication algorithms
  • Divisor algorithms
  • Floating point
  • Arithmetic operations
  • Decimal arithmetic operations

UNIT 4: Input-Output Organization

  • Peripheral devices
  • Input/output interface
  • ALU Asynchronous Data transfer
  • Mode of transfer
  • Priority interrupts
  • Direct memory Address (DMA)
  • Input/ Output processor (IOP)
  • Serial communication

UNIT 5: Evaluation of Microprocessor

  • Overview of Intel 8085 to Intel Pentium processors Basic microprocessors
  • Architecture and interface
  • Internal architecture
  • External architecture
  • Memory and Input/ output interface

UNIT 6: Assembly Language

  • Introduction to Assembly language
  • Assembler
  • Assembly level instructions
  • Macro and use of macros in I/C instructions
  • Program loops
  • Programming arithmetic and logic subroutines
  • Input-Output programming.

Download Computer Architecture Syllabus for BCA

You can download the Computer Architecture Syllabus for BCA as PDF File from the link given below:

You can get notes related to Computer Architecture on this page curated for you.


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