How to Disable Snaps in Ubuntu

Snaps are becoming a popular method of installing software on Ubuntu. Snaps are packages in Ubuntu that contain software and its dependencies. The software and packages in snaps can run in all the Linux distros with no modifications. Snaps can be installed and used through an app store for Ubuntu called Snap Store which caters to more than a million Ubuntu users. Ubuntu users are use Snapcraft which is a popular tool for making snaps easy to use and more powerful with better features.

However, many people don’t want to use Snaps in Ubuntu. For such people, we are going to show you the methods to disable Snaps in Ubuntu. So, stick with this detailed guide on how you can disable Snaps in Ubuntu.

How to Disable Snaps in Ubuntu [Full Guide]

If you planned to disable to remove Snaps from your Ubuntu PC or Server, then you can follow the steps to disable Snaps in Ubuntu. So, be ready with your Terminal or SSH open, here you go:

Step 1: List all the pre-installed Snaps on Ubuntu

You can list the currently installed Snaps by typing the following command in Terminal and click Enter.

sudo snap list
Disable Snaps in Ubuntu
Disable Snaps in Ubuntu

Step 2: Disable or Remove the pre-installed Snaps from Ubuntu

Now, it’s time to remove Snaps packages from your Ubuntu PC or Server. You need to disable or remove the Snaps in the following order. It is recommended to follow the order while removing Snap packages.

sudo snap remove snap-store 
sudo snap remove gtk-common-themesudo
snap remove gnome-3-34-1804

Now you successfully removed all the Snaps from Ubuntu PC and Server.

Step 3: Now unmount the Snap core services from Ubuntu Server or PC

If you’re using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, then you need to enter the first command otherwise ignore it. You can grab the core-id by typing “df” in the terminal and your Ubuntu server or PC will show you the code-id.

sudo umount /snap/core/<core-id>

For anyone using 20.10 LTS, you need to enter the following command to unmount the Snap core services from Ubuntu PC or Server.

sudo umount /var/snap

Step 4: Remove snapd and its services

Now, it’s time to remove the daemon required to run snaps called snapd and its services. To remove snapd and its services enter the following command:

sudo apt purge snapd

It will remove all the services of snapd and snapd itself.

Step 5: Finally, remove the Snap directories

After removing all of the packages and dependencies of Snap, we need to delete/remove the Snap directories too. Enter the following command to delete the Snap directories:

sudo rm -rf ~/snap /snap /var/snap /var/lib/snapd

Now we have disabled or removed Snap from Ubuntu PC or Server successfully. You can check whether it is removed or not by entering the following command:

sudo snap –version

Snap is a very easy-to-use and powerful package manager. But it is not mature enough for many Ubuntu users, so they prefer apt instead of using snap to install stuff on their Ubuntu PC or Server.

Note: If you install Google Chrome web driver on Ubuntu, it will automatically install the snap again on your Ubuntu or any other Linux distro. So, you should keep it in mind while installing Google Chrome webdriver.

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