History of Python – Python

Python was developed by Guido van Rossum in 1990 at the National Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science(NIMCS) of the Netherlands. Python was named “Python” because Rossum(inventor of Python) wanted to name his programming language to be short, unique and mysterious, so he named the language “Python”. The name Python is inspired by Monty Python’s Flying Circus(a BBC Comedy series). As per the myths, it was not named Python on the reptile’s name, but that’s not the truth.

History of Python

Python becomes a very popular programming language in the industry and academia because of its simplicity, conciseness and extensive support of libraries. It is a general-purpose, interpreted and object-oriented programming language. The source code of Python is distributed under the General Public License (GPL) and also maintained by the core development team at the same institute.

Vikas Kumar
Vikas Kumar

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