OOPS with C++ CSJMU 2019 Paper
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OOPS with C++ CSJMU 2019 Paper

In this article, we are sharing the OOPS with C++ CSJMU 2019 Paper, which you can use to practice for your upcoming exams and get an idea about the questions you’re going to attempt.

Section – A

Question 1

A. What is a class? How does it accomplish data hiding?

B. Explain function overloading with the help of an example

C. What is access specifier in C++?

D. What is the role of new and delete operator in C++?

E. Explain Destructor with a suitable example?

F. Write a program to explain single inheritance?

G. What is inline function? Explain with example

H. Describe the concept of Polymorphism with its type

I. What is stream in C++? How does it work for C++?

Section – B

2. (a) Discuss all the basic concept of object oriented programming.

(b) What is operator overloading? How is it used in C++?

3. What is Constructor? Explain the types of constructor with suitable examples

4. Define a class to represent a book in Library? Include the following members
(i) Book number
(ii) Book Name
(iii) Author
(iv) Publisher
(v) Price
(vi) Number of copies
(vii) Number of copies issued
Member functions:
(I) To assign initial values
(ii) To issue a book after checking for its availability
(iii) To return a book
(iv) To display book information

5. Define the following:
(i) Aggregation
(ii) Composition
(iii) Classification
(iv) Class Hierarchy
(v) Static Data Member

Section – C

Note: Attempt any two questions. Each question carries 12 marks

6. (a) What is multiple inheritance? Explain with example
(b) Discuss problem of ambiguity and how it is resolved

7. What is Virtual function? How it is different from virtual base class?

8. Describe the concept of exception handling with its mechanism.

9. (a) Discuss the template class and template function
(b) What are different type of file opening modes?

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