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Relation between C++ and Simula67

We all know that C++ is an advanced version of C language. Creator of C++ object oriented programming language was a huge fan of Dennis Ritchie and C language. But there was something other than C language that inspired Bjarne Stroustrup to come up with C++ object oriented language. It was Simula67 programming language that made Stroustrup come up with the new advanced version of C language called C++

Relation Between C++ and Simula67

Simula67 is a general purpose programming language that gave birth to the modern day object oriented programming. It was the first programming language that came with the object oriented concept.

Stroustrup who was a big supporter of C language that was developed by Dennis Ritchie. He was also a big fan of Simula67 and that inspired him to create a third programming language that is considered as an incremented version of C.

Stroustrup combined the best of both Simula67 and C language to create an even more powerful programming language that support object oriented programming features along with the power of C language. This is how C++ and Simula67 relate to each other.

At the time of creating C++, Stroustrup named it “C with classes” but later on renamed to C with increment operator and called C++.

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