Computer Architecture

What is Computer Organisation?

Computer Organisation refers to the structure and behaviour of a computer system for the end user. The architectural specification is realized by the operational units and their interconnectivity in Computer Organisation.

Computer Organisation is concerned with how different parts of a computer are organized and how various actions are carried out amongst them in order to complete a task.

Computer Organisation vs Computer Architecture

Computer OrganisationComputer Architecture
Computer organisation is concerned with the operation of hardware components and how they are coupled to build a computer system.Computer architecture is concerned with the organisation and behaviour of a computer system from the user’s perspective.
It comprises hardware features like control signals and peripherals that are invisible to the programmer.It contains information, formats, instruction sets, and memory-addressing algorithms.
It outlines the computer’s capabilities. 4.For instance, circuit architecture, control signals, and memory types all fall under the heading of Computer Organization.Computer Architecture explains the capabilities of a computer
Computer Organization is concerned with Physical Components (Circuit design, Adders, Signals, Peripherals)Computer Architecture is concerned with Logic (Instruction sets, Addressing modes, Data types, Cache optimization)

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